leak detection in el paso tx

When You Need the Plumbing Beneath Your Property Repaired

Trust our leak detection plumbers in El Paso, TX to handle the job

If you notice an increase in your water bill or visible cracking in your foundation, contact The Plumbing Doctor right away. We have the equipment needed to repair your plumbing and prevent the ground from eroding further. When we arrive at your home, we’ll:

  • Trace your plumbing lines
  • Use heat or sound detection to determine the source of the leak
  • Break the cement and dig to the pipe
  • Repair or reroute your plumbing

You can count on us to stop leaks from occurring and your water bill from rising. Contact us today to schedule slab leak detection for your home in El Paso, Texas.

Call us back to maintain your pipes

The Plumbing Doctor also provides preventive plumbing maintenance. We’ll inspect your pipes and resolve any issues before they arise. You can count on us to keep your pipes in top condition for as long as possible.

Hire our leak detection plumbers in El Paso, Texas to repair your plumbing today.